Which cryptocurrency do you support?

Right now we support Bitcoin and  Ethereum.

Can someone other than the Recipient scan the card and steal funds?

No. The QR-code is protected by an activation code we send to the Recipient when they scan the card.

What if the Recipient never receives the card or the card is lost, are the funds gone?

No. The funds are actually not on the card until the Recipient scans the QR-Code on the card. If the Recipient does not scan the card within three months, the money goes back into the Sender's account (using the refund account Sender provides).

Why do you need the Recipient's phone number?

We only use the phone number to send your Recipient an activation code, to confirm they are the designated recipient of the funds. This helps add another layer of security.

How long does it take to ship?

Please allow 5-7 days to receive card.

What is your return policy?

The cryptocurrency loaded on the card will automatically be refunded, but we cannot offer a refund or exchange for the actual card because each card is personalized.

However if the mistake was on our end we will make it right.

I have an Android phone, will this work?

Yes, our app is now available on both platforms!

Why did the dollar amount loaded on card change?

This is because the value of cryptocurrency is constantly changing. When you purchase a greeting card we convert the dollar amount on card to the cryptocurrency equivalent, based on the market value. Therefore when your Recipient receives your card, the value of the cryptocurrency may have fluctuated. Hopefully it has gone up!

Are these e-cards?

No, they are physical greeting cards your designated recipient will receive in the mail.